I'm curious why you didn't include anything about the ego. Or feelings. Or thoughts. Or personality. Or verbal, emotional, and social communication. Or DETAILS.

I clicked your piece because I loved the topic, but... really?

In a piece about leadership, you give us a list of "stuff", but no resources, suggestions, or details?! Not even any practical examples from your own experience?


If you were my direct report, here's what I'd do to teach you Leadership:

I'd bring you into my office and offer you one of my wife's homemade cookies. She's a fab baker, BTW. As you ate it, I'd ask: "How's that cookie taste, Matthew?"

If you told me that it was aMAZing - which, trust me, it WOULD be - I'd ask if you'd like another.

When you took it and began to eat it, I'd say this:

"Think about how that cookie feels in your mouth and body right now. Remember it. Then... moving forward, any time you interact with anyone via spoken or written words, work hard to make sure that your audience feels the same way that you do right now. "



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