The Ongoing Facebook Shitshow

Why NO ONE Should Be Surprised by This Week’s Events

David Koff
5 min readOct 7, 2021


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A Steaming Bag of Shit

Longtime readers of mine — both here and on my Substack newsletter — know that I’m a vocal critic of Facebook.

I’ve been consistent in my warnings about Facebook in particular because they aren’t an ethical, kind, or trustworthy corporation. Instead, they prey on users by using their data to compile accurate dossiers about who they are, and then… they use that data to surveil and market to them.

There are very good reasons why Facebook was fined $5 billion by the FTC: because the company regularly flaunts regulations, restrictions, laws, and — more importantly — our shared ethics and morals around concepts like truth, privacy, democracy, and security.

Not surprisingly, some time ago, I changed my social media behaviors radically:

  • I deleted all social media apps from my smartphone
  • I locked my Facebook account down using a fun tool called Jumbo
  • I only surf to the Facebook website using browsers like Brave which can block all trackers, fingerprinting & cookies
  • More importantly, I JUST reduced the amount of time I spend on all social media by about 85%.

My life is better as a result of making these changes. Give them a try yourself and I’m sure you’ll find that yours will be as well.

Additional Proof If You Need It (Which… You Don’t)

A few days ago — on October 4th, 2021 — Frances Haugen gave explosive testimony before the United States Senate. Haugen, a former algorithmic product manager at Facebook, revealed that not only is the company doing harm to children, politics, and democracy but that they are absolutely aware of these problems despite public claims to the contrary.

Earlier this year, Haugen secretly released thousands of pages of internal documentation from the company to the Wall Street Journal, revealing that the company knows full well that its products are “toxic” to teenage girls, that they give special treatment to VIPs who can flaunt platform rules that others cannot, and that since they cannot deal…



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